Terms of Service


USOpenLodging.com (Olive Group, LLC) is a listing site only.  We make no guarantees of any listing information or details.  We strive to make sure your listing is proper and up to date, but mistakes can be made.  We take no responsibility for the listing once it is booked through either Airbnb.com, tripadvisor.com or vrbo.com.  We simply advertise your listing and promote your listing.  All we ask for is that you agree to pay us a 10% finders charge once your listing has been booked, if the person found you through one of our advertising mediums.

USOpenLodging.com (Olive Group, LLC) may provide the service of listing your site on aribnb.com, tripadvisor.com or vrbo.com for you.  This is a service we provide free of charge, as long as if your listing is booked, we may charge you 10% of the booking price.  We may help you list your home, room or mansion in your profile account at airbnb.com, tripadvisor.com or vrbo.com or in our profile account at airbnb.com, tripadvisor.com or vrbo.com.  Either way, you must abide by the terms of that booking site, be it airbnb.com, tripadvisor.com or vrbo.com.  If your listing is booked through our profile on one of the 3 above booking sites, funds will be deposited into our account and provided to you, minus the 10% fee.  If the listing is booked through your profile account, you must provide us the 10% finders charge within 15 days of payment.  Because we have no way of verifying your listing is booked through your profile account, funds would be transferred to Olive Group LLC on the honor system.




USOpenLodging.com (Olive Group LLC) is a listing site only.  All listings are placed for advertising purposes only.  Bookings are made through one of the 3 corresponding sites including: airbnb.com, tripadvisor.com and vrbo.com.  We make no guarantees of the listing and no guarantees of property, timing, condition, specifications, or any other feature having to do with the listing or the property.  We take no responsibility for what is listed.

Any questions, concerns should be handled through the booking company you made your booking with as usopenlodging.com does nothing but list the property with the information provided to us.  We are simply a listing service for advertising purposes.